UI/UX Design, Information Design

Period: May 2016
Internship project

During my internship at EXL Group, which is an IT services company, I had several project around dashboard and information design. This one was from a banking company who wanted a new dashboard about a "digitalisation" indicator. A first version was available but my mission was to propose an other interface by reviewing all data visualisations.

Basic UI Design

I started the project just before the first release of this dashboard and my mission was to redesign it to be visually more appealing and bring a structure in information. So I started by working with developers around a zoning grid. We didn't had that much authorisation for pushing the grid but we found a good compromise with wireframing according to information hierarchy.

Next I focused on color, trying to find a good combinaison with my vision and their graphic charter. I also redesign icons for better cohesion with the new style.

How can I enhance the information?

After bringing some rules and a new guideline to the user interface, my role was to visualize information and find better representations to enhance outcomes. One page was particularly targeted because we wanted to see a complex indicator which was connected with several others. So instead of cold visualisations, I decided to tell a story.

Explain it...

I created a sort of a visual key to give a strategic overview to the user. With it, he will be enable to make better choices regarding his strategic evolution. I can’t show all the information but you can easily have an idea with the visualisation below.