Google workshop

Design Thinking, Motion Design

Period: December 2015
School workshop

READI Design Lab was please to host a three days workshop with Google. The workshop goal was to work on Material Design future, specifically how it could be adapted to physical world. After a quick brief we decided to work on connected homes and how can we apply Material Design to daily tasks.

Trying to understand our target

We started by mapping a typical day within a four person family in order to see when people are together or not and which moments they share. With this data we could see that in the morning people are doing different tasks at the same time. That can be a problem maker if family members are late or not on schedule.

What about the context?

We wanted to tackle little frustrations points that can happen everyday at home in a family. That’s why we focused on the shower time, especially the morning where time and water consumption are important topics.

How can you communicate with others and manage your time across your surroundings environment?

How can you visualize your shower time and how does it impact other schedule?

How to raise user awareness regarding water consumption?

The shower and the door

During your shower you are in your world. It's an intimate moment where you can relax and think about your day. That's why all perturbations can bring frustrations. Little vibrations below your foot will gently wake you up to notify that someone communicate with you. With this concept you can communicate through your environment if someone wants an information about the time spend in the shower.

The bathroom door is the link between you and the world outside the bathroom. This is the only way to communicate with you and it's always about the time you spend in the shower or an urgent thing. Just with a natural gesture as knocking on the door or interacting with the door handle, instead of screaming "GET OUT OF THE SHOWER", you can communicate peacefully with a person in the shower.

Take a look at the result :)