Secure Sign App

UI/UX Design

Period: December 2014
Internship project

SecurSign is an application who can secure your financial operations directly from your phone. This was a concept made during my internship at OneOverZero based in Zürich. The app use an existing technology with a define process. My mission was to integrate this process into a new navigation and interface.

Discover client and user's needs and define the problem

First of all we had to discover the universe of the client’s app and define user’s needs and problem. The client wanted a redesign of his application. The brief was to keep the process but implement a new navigation. We decided to put the process on paper and see what we could do with it. We also sorted all the content of the app (Help pages, Process pages, etc).

Develop a solution

After finding a UX structure and logic, we started to work on sketchs and wireframes. We created a template mixing wireframe and workflow in order to work, present to the client and refine our reflexion on screen design and process workflow. During iterations we worked with the client to grab feedback on this template.